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RV Rental, Camper Rental & Motorhome Rental - travel/vacation services - craigslist (1)

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RV Rental, Camper Rental & Motorhome Rental

Rent an RV in Orlando and satisfy your desire to explore! Go RV Rentals features all kinds of motorized and towable RV rentals. Daily rates start at under $100 and go up to $300+ depending on the type of vehicle you want:

✅Class A Motorhome Rental
✅Class B Motorhome / Campervan Rental
✅Class C Motorhome Rental
✅Travel Trailer Rental
✅Pop-up Camper Rental
✅Toy Hauler Rental
✅Fifth Wheel Rental

Delivery and pet friendly available. Insurance and roadside assistance included.

FAQ #1: Is renting an RV expensive? Consider RV rental versus RV ownership. Think rent versus buy.

Answer: Renting an RV is actually affordable when you compare it to the high cost of owning an RV. According to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), most RV owners only use their RV about 20 days per year, so the vehicle sits idle 345 days. All the while the owner is making a monthly loan payment and/or suffering depreciation. Also, there is the cost of storage, insurance, taxes, maintenance and repairs.

Our 2020 study revealed that an $80,000 Class C motorhome's cost for those 20 days of use is $911 per day when you factor in the total cost of ownership. Wow, that is expensive!! Now compare that to an average base rate of $212 per day for renting a Class C. Note, when you rent an RV, in addition to the base rate there will be some related fees, insurance (assuming you aren't covered on your existing auto policy) and sales taxes (if your state has sales tax). These fees, insurance and taxes generally run +20% over the base rate.

The beauty of renting an RV is that when you're done with it, just turn over the keys to the owner and don't worry about all of those ownership costs. This is why most people who want to enjoy the RV lifestyl should rent versus buy. This is also, why a lot of RV owners are renting out their RV to defray the high cost.

To learn more about renting an affordable RV, please take any of the following steps:

1. Copy and paste into your web browser address line: https://gorv.rentals/search and hit enter.

2. Scan the QR code located in the photos with your phone and hit enter.

Thank you for your interest in RV rental!

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    RV Rental, Camper Rental & Motorhome Rental - travel/vacation services - craigslist (2024)


    Do people Airbnb RVS? ›

    Yes. If you have an RV and a dedicated place to park it, you can list your RV on Airbnb just like you would a house, condo, or bedroom.

    Are RV Airbnbs profitable? ›

    Running an Airbnb RV rental can be a profitable side hustle to increase your income stream if you provide an excellent experience for your guests. If you have a nice RV, have all the amenities needed by guests, and your property is in a perfect location, you could make upwards of $1,000 a month or more.

    Is the RV rental business lucrative? ›

    The average RV owner uses their RV only 20 days per year. An RV rental business definition is an RV owner renting their RV when not in use for money. Renting out your RV motorhome is an enormously lucrative business.


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