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Blox Fruits is a Roblox game inspired by One Piece, where you can uncover various types of power as you navigate the seas and explore the islands within this expansive world. Powers in this realm manifest in numerous forms, including blox fruits, swords, guns, and other abilities, all of which you can utilize to overcome your enemies.


Roblox: Blox Fruits - Beginners Guide

Here are some helpful beginner tips to consider, before exploring Blox Fruits seas in Blox Fruits on Roblox.

As you delve into the topic of swords, you'll come across a variety of them as you explore further. One notable sword in the First Sea is the Saber, which you can obtain by defeating the Saber Expert boss. Here's this guide to help you access the Saber Expert boss and obtain the Saber sword.

The Saber Expert Puzzle!

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To obtain the Saber, you'll first need to unlock the Saber Expert boss room located in the Jungle. You must defeat the boss to obtain the Saber in a quest that will consist of several parts, starting and ending in the Jungle.

While the Saber Expert boss is classified as a level 200 boss, defeating him is challenging even for players with levels higher than that. It's advisable to seek assistance from other players to defeat him or be prepared to attempt multiple times until successful.

How To Get The Torch

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To begin completing the Saber Expert Puzzle, your first step is to head to the Jungle. In the Jungle, your initial quest involves unlocking the room located in the middle of the island, directly beneath the Quest Adventurer. Here, you'll find the Torch.

To unlock this room, you'll need to click on five buttons located throughout the island. Here is the sequence of their locations:

  • One button is located next to the Blox Fruit Gacha dealer.
  • The second button is situated in the second part of the Jungle, where the Gorillas spawn. You'll find it on a tree near the bridge that is in front of the Gorilla King Boss.
  • While you're still in the second part of the island, you'll find another button on the ground located next to the makeshift dock.
  • As you return to the first part of the island, you'll find another button hidden beneath a bush next to the ruined wall facing the Quest Adventurer.
  • Lastly, you will find a button on a tree located near the Jungle Island entrance.
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Press all five buttons by walking or jumping on them. Once you've activated all the buttons, head to the middle of the island where the Adventurer Quest is located.

Then, descend the stairs where you'll find a hole in the floor. Enter the hole to find the Torch hanging on the wall next to a poem, and approach the torch to obtain it.

Once you obtain the Torch, you should proceed with the next step. However, be cautious because if you die, you will lose the Torch. This means that you'll need to return to the room where you obtained the Torch to retrieve it again. Luckily, the room will remain open after you unlock it the first time, making it easier to obtain the Torch again if needed.

How To Get The Cup

After obtaining the Torch, you should head to Desert Island to acquire the Cup. Upon reaching the Desert, enter the house near the pyramid, descend through the stairs, and then use the Torch to unlock the curtain by burning it, allowing you to enter the room where you'll find the Cup.

Additionally, you'll find a poem on the wall in this room.

In the end, simply approach the cup to obtain it. Also, remember that the poems in these quests serve as hints for your next steps, guiding you on what to do next.

How To Help The Sick Man!

Once you obtain the Cup, your next destination is the Frozen Village to help the Sick Man. Upon reaching the Frozen Village, you can help him through two steps:

  • The first step involves filling the Cup with water from the Cave where the Ability Teacher is located in the Frozen Village. To do this, enter the cave and stand beneath the place where the water drips from the ice stalactite. As you stand there, the cup will fill with water.
  • After filling the Cup with water, exit the Cave and make your way to the upper area of the Frozen Village where the Quest Villager is located. Here, you'll find the Sick Man in a hut situated next to the Sword Dealer of the East. Enter the hut and interact with the Sick Man to offer him help.

After helping the sick man, he will express his gratitude and ask you to meet his son to receive your reward.

Where To Find The Rich Man

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To continue your quest to get the Saber sword, you need to speak with the Rich Man, who is the son of the Sick Man. You can find him in the Pirate Village, and as you reach this place, head to your left where you'll find him waiting for you.

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As you talk to the Rich Man, he will express his gratitude for your help to his father; however, he explains that he cannot reward you at the moment because the Mob Leader has stolen his money. He requests that you find the Mob Leader and defeat himto retrieve the stolen money, and once you have accomplished this, the Rich Man will be able to reward you.

Where To Find The Mob Leader

To locate the Mob Leader, head to the secret island situated between the Pirate Village and Magma Village. Upon reaching the island, enter the cavewhere you'll encounter the Mob Leader, defeat him, and then return to the Rich Man to speak with him again.

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As you return to the Rich Man, he will express his gratitude for your help, and as a token of appreciation, he will reward you with an ancient Relic. This Relic will serve as the key for the final step in your adventure to defeat the Saber Expert boss and acquire the Saber sword.

How To Get Saber

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As you obtain the Relic, it signifies that you are now able to acquire the Saber, so return to the Jungle another time and head to the building wherethe Blox Fruit Gacha is located. Look for a door next to the stairs, where you can use the Relic to unlock it, and you will encounter the Saber Expert boss inside.

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The Saber Expert is a challenging boss, so you may struggle to defeat him. However, you can use a simple strategy to make the fight easier. Stay outside the room and attack him from there, as he cannot exit his spawn room. This way, you can attack him while minimizing the risk to yourself.

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As you defeat the Saber Expert boss, you will obtain the Saber sword, which is a powerful sword, especially for players who rely primarily on swords. Additionally, if you have already reached level 300, you will gain access to purchase the Instinct ability known as "the Observation Haki."

Keep in mind that as you acquire the Saber, it's important to use it in fights. Defeating more enemies using Saber will level up its mastery,allowing you to unlock itstwo special moves: Deadly Rush and Triple Slash.


Roblox: Blox Fruits - How To Get The Coat

Here is how to get the Coat to enhance your character in Blox Fruits on Roblox.

Roblox: Blox Fruits - How To Get Saber (2024)


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