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Chapter 1968 Lecture by the Holy Doctor!



The four Sacred Doctors froze and all frowned.

After so many years in the Chinese medicine industry, they have a very deep knowledge of the Chinese medicine industry and the outsiders’ view of the Chinese medicine industry, and in their view, the Chinese medicine in the eyes of outsiders will always be unintelligible and drowsy.

The four holy doctors naturally understood what a live broadcast was.

But live streaming Chinese medicine, does anyone watch it?


Although the development of Chinese medicine is a big deal, is it really good to put Chinese medicine on the Internet and under everyone’s eyes?

“Yeah, live.”

Fang Qiu nodded affirmatively and said, “What I mean is that by broadcasting the first three days of the live broadcast to the internet, not only can it be listened to by all the seniors of the great doctors, but also by people up and down the country who are interested in traditional Chinese medicine, which will definitely help the development of traditional Chinese medicine as well, as well as letting people who are curious about traditional Chinese medicine to understand what traditional Chinese medicine really is. ”

“Here’s the deal, you answer one of my questions, and after we hear your answer, we’ll give you an answer.”

Zhuge Yan opened his mouth and without waiting for Fang Qiu to respond, he directly opened his mouth and asked, “The cyber world is a hodgepodge of places, do you think it’s appropriate to place Chinese medicine in such a completely rule-free place to be scrutinized and commented on?”

Xu Miaolin, Sage Doctor Chu, and Sage Doctor Niu, nodded their heads at the same time.

That’s what they’re worried about.

“I know that what the four seniors are worried about is that someone is hacking Chinese medicine on the Internet, so that Chinese medicine will once again fall into a situation where it is questioned by the public.”

Fang Qiu opened his mouth and said, “What I’m saying is that the development of each and every thing needs to bear the corresponding risk, I have to pay time to learn Chinese medicine and bear the risk that I may not learn well, I have to pay time and experience to develop Chinese medicine, and I also have to bear the risk that I may not develop.”

“But we can’t stop doing it just because we’re afraid of the risks, because if we don’t do it, Chinese medicine will stay stuck where it is.”

Speaking here, Fang Qiu paused slightly and continued to add, “Just as I went to the World Medical Exchange Conference, it is very likely that if I go, I will place Chinese medicine in a position where it will be spat upon and questioned by the whole world, but if I don’t go, Chinese medicine will never be able to develop to the point where it is now.”

The four holy doctors listened.

All nodded at once.

“What I read in the stone book was that the Divine Doctor went out, and he wasn’t worried that he wouldn’t dare to go out because of his low medical skills; instead, he was more than willing to use the medical skills he possessed to treat every patient he encountered to the best of his ability, and because he was sincere, he gained the recognition and trust of many.”

Fang Qiu added.


The four Sacred Doctors who were still hesitant just a moment ago, instantly glanced at each other before they simultaneously shook their heads in realization.

“It seems that the four of us old guys are still not in the right realm.”

Zhuge Yan smiled and then said to Fang Qiu, “This is, let’s go by the idea, after all, you’ve live-streamed Chinese medicine on the internet before, we trust your judgment and ability.”


Fang Qiu immediately nodded his head.

“By the way, this has to be notified in the WeChat group, so that everyone won’t be taken by surprise at that time.”

While speaking, Saint Doctor Zhuge Yan took out his cell phone and tapped on the WeChat group.

“And microsoft?”

Fang Qiu froze.

“Right, haven’t pulled you yet.”

Xu Miaolin hemmed and hawed and said, “This group was created a long time ago, only Great Physicians can enter the group, you’ve been very busy since you became a Great Physician, and you can hardly find a chance to talk to you about this, so I’m going to pull you into the group now.”

Xu Miaolin spoke while operating his cell phone.


Fang Qiu received an invitation to enter the group chat on his cell phone.

Fang Qiu clicked directly into it.

At this time, Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan, who had been editing the message, finally edited the message and posted it directly to the WeChat group.

“The first three days of the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference are broadcast out live, deduct 1 for agreeing.”

See this message.

Fang Qiu froze and looked at Sacred Doctor Zhuge Yan with an unbelievable expression.

It was as if, such words simply could not have come out of Zhuge Yan Sacred Doctor’s mouth, and it was true, Zhuge Yan Sacred Doctor certainly would not have spoken like that in reality.

Fang Qiu secretly lamented.

It’s true that the face any person shows in the online world is completely different from the real world, huh?

Fang Qiu hadn’t even finished feeling this.

The WeChat group message beeps just went off one after another.

Fang Qiu looked down.

Inside the WeChat group, the screen is full of “1”, “11” and “111111111111” and so on.

Seeing the response messages that flew across the screen, Fang Qiu was wide-eyed.

“It turns out that none of these great healers’ seniors are out of touch with society.”


To complement the live stream.


The news that the Chinese Medicine Exchange Conference would be simulcast on the Internet spread quickly, and in no time the entire Chinese medicine community knew all about it.

The leaders and students of the major Chinese medicine colleges and universities were also the first to hear the news.

Learning about this.

The leaders of the major Chinese medicine funny immediately issued an urgent notice.

“From now until the end of the Chinese Medicine Medical Conference, all all classes within the school will be suspended, and inside every classroom will be dedicated to broadcasting the live video feed of the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference, at which time the entire school will be able to watch it together.”

This notice goes out.

All the students, in turn, cheered.

With the spread of the students, the news that the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference would be open for live broadcast quickly spread on Weibo.

Everyone had been very curious about what this Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference was all about and how Fang Qiu would behave at the conference.

Coupled with the introduction of those holy doctors and great doctors that appeared in the morning live broadcasts of various media outlets, it has made all the netizens incredibly excited about the Chinese Medicine Conference.

Now, upon hearing the news that the Chinese Medicine Conference is going to be broadcast live on the Internet, netizens are all excited.


There’s nothing more exciting than a few of the hottest live streaming platforms on the web today.

The capital of these webcast platforms is traffic, it is not too much to say that they are playing with traffic, and they naturally know very well that at the present time, one of the people with the highest traffic is Fang Qiu, and the highest heat is Chinese medicine.

Therefore, joining the live streaming community at the CCM is definitely the most important thing they need to catch up on.

It’s because this broadcast is free and not about copyrights for the sake of it.

All the major live platforms, just send someone directly over to the live broadcast.

In order to attract more attention to the attention of the netizens who are concerned about this matter, the major live broadcasting platforms in sending people to rush to the live broadcast at the same time, but also immediately in the microblogging and their own live broadcasting platform issued a notice that will be the first time to carry out the live broadcast, and will be given to all the netizens who watch the live broadcast, one of the most stable and smooth environment.

One after another, all the major live broadcast platforms have released the news and opened the live broadcast in advance, and put it directly on the front page of the live broadcast platform.

Netizens, too, have flocked to the major live-streaming platforms.

It’s all waiting.

It didn’t take long.

Some of the staff of the live broadcast platform who had arrived in advance learned that today’s Chinese medicine conference would start at 1:30 pm through exchanges with the participants of the conference.

The major live broadcast platforms, one after another, released the news on microblogging, and at the same time, they also changed the title in the live broadcast room of their own live broadcast platforms.

Because after lunch, it was already 1:00 pm, only half an hour before the Chinese Medicine Conference, the netizens who were waiting to watch the live broadcast were all more excited.

During this half hour period, fifty-one great doctors and four holy doctors, including Fang Qiu, returned to the Huatuo Chinese Medicine Assembly Hall and waited for the conference to convene.

1:30 PM.

Fifty-one great doctors, seated in the seats below the synagogue, the leaders of the local departments were also seated in the first row, as well as a number of media journalists, who were also filming on both sides of the room, ready to report.

Various network live broadcasting platforms, this time directly brought the best live broadcasting equipment, each choose a good angle, began to live broadcast.

“I declare that this session of the Chinese Medicine Medical Exchange Conference, officially begins, let’s welcome one of the first four Sacred Doctors to take the stage, Sacred Doctor Xu Miaolin.”

The words of the moderator sent by the local department head kicked off the TCM conference.

“Snap ……”

Everyone in the audience applauded.

Under the crowd’s expectant gaze, Xu Miaolin stepped onto the stage and walked to the center of the stage.

“Hello everyone, I’m Xu Miaolin.”

Standing on the stage, Xu Miaolin said with a smile on his face, “Although I have already broken through to become a Sacred Doctor, I am the youngest and least qualified among the four Sacred Doctors, so today I will be the first to throw in the towel and explain, from the perspective of Chinese medicine’s general medicine, the inner mechanisms of the various Chinese medicine treatment methods.”

As the words fell, the room erupted in another round of applause.

“People all over China, all over the world, know that Chinese medicine has many ways of treating diseases, and there are many different ways of treating the same disease.”

“So, today I’m going to talk about what is the inner mechanism of the same disease under different treatments!”

Stand on the stage.

After the opening, Xu Miaolin began to talk eloquently.

Underneath the field, the fifty great doctors outside of Fang Qiu all had their own small notebooks and began to record all sorts of things.

For them.

This was the experience and summary of the holy doctors, and being able to learn from these experiences would be very helpful in improving their medical skills.

The webcast.

“Sage Doctor Xu Miaolin?”

“This is the judge of the second season of Young National Physician, right? At that time, I remembered that he seemed to be a great physician straight away, how come he has become a saintly physician now?”

“Isn’t this nonsense? Sacred Doctor Xu Miaolin is Fang Qiu’s teacher, this is a bull!”

“It’s not just anyone who can be Fang Qiu’s teacher.”

The netizens are buzzing.

In the midst of the debate, everyone also started swiping gifts of all kinds.

Outside of the average internet user.

The people in the real Chinese medicine industry, listening to Xu Miaolin’s explanation on the stage, one by one, they were all mesmerized, and the doubts in their hearts on the medical one were all solved a lot.

In major TCM colleges and universities.

Almost all of the teachers and students, were very quiet inside the teachers, watching the live video feed, listening to the Sacred Doctor’s explanation, not only the students, but even the teachers, were listening especially attentively, and many of them were frantically taking notes.

After all, it’s rare for a holy doctor to give a lecture!

Medical Master - Chapter 1968 Lecture by the Holy Doctor! Free Read Online (2024)


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