Easter Egger Chicks- Pullets FLASH SALE! - $3 In Manchester TN - LSN (2024)

Lots of Chicks Available and older birds
•Several Ages
•From Day olds to fully feathered, and Mature Birds
•Prices- Are dependant on Age and Breed

•Day Olds- 4wks ***1/2 OFF NOW UNTIL END OF JUNE
•Day olds-4wk - $1.50-$4.00 (all breeds not included prices are normally $3-$8)

•4wk-mature- $6-$8 pullets & $5.00 co*ckerels

•Hens (only select few on sale) and ALL Roosters (1/2 off)

$20-30 Hens (most)
BYM hens in sale for $18 each
$10 Roosters

•Breeds include but not limited to bantam Cochins, Easter Eggers, BYM, Andalusians, Rhode Island Reds, brahma mixes, Barred rocks, Orpingtons, Americana's, and more. Please ask if something isn't listed- we might have them- And I am more then happy to help you figure out what breed would be best for your farm 😊

• Fertile Hatching Eggs
$10-30/dozen depending on breed
*Hatching Eggs are only by request and a deposit must be paid prior to collection. I put great care and time into collecting hatching eggs and ensuring that their handling is conducive to keeping the eggs viable. I make sure that eggs are handled very gently, that they are stored correctly, and marked to indicate what pen/hen/rooster they came from. Options for hatching eggs are a barnyard mix for layers, speckled Olive Eggers (can only fill orders of 6 at this time to ensure hatch ability) , welsummer x Australorp, Easter eggers, speckled Sussex (orders of half dozen only) Old English Game Fowl Bantams, Silkie Satins, Olive Eggers, Serama's and more coming soon!

Right now I am hatching Easter Eggers and Speckled Olive Eggers (Welsummer/Crested Cream Legbars Hybrids)

•I will do special hatches for people if requested and a deposit is put down. Deposits are half of the cost of chicks and are non refundable.

•Divine Design Farm and Homestead

•Purebreds •Hybrid Crosses •Barn Yard Mixes •Easter Eggers • Frizzles •And More!

• A little bit about Us •

We are a small multi generational family farm and homestead. We run our farm holistically and non GMO/Organic. I make our own feed and ferment it for the chickens. Our chickens are an integral part of our permaculture farm and are more then just livestock.

We have raised quality laying hens for many years. And still continue to do so. I am a self taught flock keeper and expand my knowledge base about my birds daily. I am constantly striving to improve my flock and management practices, to ultimately offer a better bird to you! Things that are prioritized on our farm are breeding birds to the standard set for them (this is a work in progress and I am constantly selecting for improvements at every hatch). We select for production, temperament (both with humans, pets, and within the flock dynamics), type, personality, and so much more. I believe that human aggression as well as other temperament traits are hereditary and should be selected against in a breeding program. It is my goal to provide birds that are a joy to care for and are 100% safe around small children and the elderly. Every year our breeder flock improves, I learn more, and we offer new breeds for various purposes. This year we added in broody breeds that also make wonderful pets - silkies and bantam Cochins!

We are currently growing out self blue Bantam Ameraucana's and Ermine Ameraucana's. Both of these are from true Ameraucana lines not hatchery stock. We also added mottled Houdans to our flock. New projects we are starting include Ermine patterned Easter eggers as well as lavender silkied Easter eggers. We think both of those projects will be a lot of fun and look forward to being able to offer them at our farm! We hope to launch hatching eggs and chicks from them in the Fall.

We are very passionate about the quality of bird that we offer and are always striving to make improvements. We take a holistic approach to raising our birds and prioritize natural brooding and management.

This year we intend to add a broody coop just for our broody breeds to sit and raise young. It is my belief from observation through the years that hens have much higher hatch rates with lower mortality and disease. Chicks raised by a broody hen also seem healthier, more vigorous and bright, and have better immune function overall. I have also observed that those chicks are accepted into a flock much easier then their incubator raised counterparts and are taught much healthier flock dynamics that help them be a well accepted flockmates to other flocks when they leave our farm. We are setting up to brood chicks this way this year and are currently growing out our little mother's as I write this! Those babies should be available next spring 🌷

Please feel free to message me anytime. I'm more then happy to answer questions and help make sure you pick the right breeds and varieties for your specific location and lifestyle. It is very important to us that our customers are completely satisfied and that the chicks they get from us find forever homes and fulfill the purpose they are intended for at their new home.

Easter Egger Chicks- Pullets FLASH SALE! - $3 In Manchester TN - LSN (2024)


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